Slayers Sunday: Otome no Inori cosplay

Леммивинкс, Король Хомячков
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#Slayers Halloween~!! I LOVE THIS CHARACTER SO MUCH! Slayers is full of parodies of other anime and in one episode they totally do a Sailor Moon/Idol Anime scene X'D!! I ended up making everything (except the wig) in two days!! (And it probably shows). ANYWAY, 90s anime love!(...I would have had this up sooner but I noticed how badly I failed at lip syncing in Japanese so I had to get creative OTL;;;...)#TheSlayers #Cosplay #AmeliawilteslaSeyruun #OtomeNoInori

Опубликовано Quantum Destiny's Art & Costuming 2 ноября 2015 г.

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